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Comfort Dogs
Not a Special Appeal - AN INVITATION from the Comfort and Kare 9 Dogs Print E-mail
group photo

We have sent three special appeals this past month because of three crisis situations that LCC and the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs have been invited into: Orlando (49 people killed), Dallas (5 police officers killed) and Baton Rouge (three police officers killed).

This is an invitation to all of you who have so faithfully supported LCC, enabling us to respond to each of these situations with the Mercy, Compassion, Presence and Proclamation of Jesus Christ.

This is one way we want to say thank you.

This Thursday and Friday (July 28 and 29) is LCC's 5th Annual K-9/Kare-9 National Conference. Comfort Dogs and handlers from 23 states will come together to learn more about the ways we can reach a lost, hurting and confused world with the Proclamation and Presence of the Mercy and Compassion of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Dr. John Nunes Friday night is open to the public - to all who would like to meet the LCC K-9 Comfort and Kare 9 Military Ministry Dogs from across the country. You are also invited to hear our closing speaker, Rev. Dr. John Nunes, at 7 pm.

6:15-6:45pm: Meet & Greet the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs and Kare 9 Military Ministry Dogs

7:00-8:00pm: Rev. Dr. John Nunes, President, Concordia College - New York

The location for this event is:
The Hilton Chicago/Northbrook
Main Ballroom
2855 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Northbrook, IL 60062

For more information, please call LCC at 866-455-6466 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thank you for your support and prayers. You are LCC!!!

In the Grace and Healing Peace of Jesus Christ,
Tim Hetzner, President
Lutheran Church Charities

Last Updated on Monday, 25 July 2016 08:21
Comforting Dallas Print E-mail
Comforting Dallas The following photos and postings are taken from the Facebook pages of the K-9 Comfort Dogs sent to serve in Dallas. Since the K-9 Comfort Dogs and their handlers arrived in Dallas, they have:

Visit to WFFAA Channel 8 offices to comfort some very tired and stressed out journalists.

Starting our trip to Dallas with a touch of Blue! Thanks for all you do!

It was an honor to visit with everyone and meet the people who work to protect Dallas and to be able to offer God's message of peace through my soft fur.

The pack attended the Dallas Strong Candlelight Vigil bringing golden smiles to the city of Dallas.

We're on our way to the vigil. #prayfordallas #backtheblue

We're here for you. #loveinaction #wewillneverforget

Please pray for the families and friends who have lost a loved one.

Isaiah 40:1 "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people"

LCC NEVER charges those we serve.
Click here to donate to the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund.
Last Updated on Monday, 18 July 2016 11:32
Priscilla Becomes 4th LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Placed in Nebraska Print E-mail

Passing of the Leash

A "Passing of the Leash" service was held on Sunday, July 10th for LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Priscilla who was placed at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Also attending the service were Nebraska-based LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Katie (Trinity in Fremont), Moses (Christ Lutheran in Cairo) and Eddie (Peace Lutheran in Grand Island) and their handlers. In addition, Levi and Bethany, two dogs in training at the Grand Island satellite training center, plus their trainers, also attended the service. Lutheran Church Charities welcomes Priscilla and her team to the Comfort Dog Ministry!

Follow Priscilla on Facebook! CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 July 2016 10:02
LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Rhoda and Naomi Meet Their Handlers!! Print E-mail


On July 6, 2016, LCC K-9 Ministry was once again blessed by the handler and caregiver training that took place at the LCC training center in Northbrook. Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin and Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, Indiana joined the list of K-9 Affiliates.

The ministry teams from Prince of Peace and Holy Cross spent 3 days together learning how to handle their new K-9 Comfort Dog and learning ways to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus to those who are suffering and in need.

Prince of Peace met their LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Rhoda and Holy Cross met K-9 Comfort Dog Naomi for the first time at the training. The training was just the beginning of each church’s K-9 Ministry as they go out and serve in our Lord’s name.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 July 2016 09:08
Police of Dallas ask for support and our presence there - help us respond Print E-mail

In the midst of the tragedy in Orlando,
you can Make A Difference in the Name of Jesus

Every single day and night, 365 days a year, police officers around the United States put their lives at risk to protect ours. This past Thursday night, these same police officers were targeted resulting in the deadliest single day for police officers since 9/11. Eleven officers ambushed in the line of duty, five losing their lives, while doing what they swore to do - to serve and protect their community.

The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs have been invited to Dallas to be with the Police Departments and the entire community following this horrific event. We keep hearing from people there how they are NUMB from all this. Six K-9 Comfort Dogs from Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Illinois, along with handlers and LCC staff, will be in Dallas on Monday morning, July 11, working through Pastor Mark Couser of The Crossing Church Dallas, a new start up Lutheran church.

Please consider the trauma this community is suffering after a horrific incident like this. The fellow officers, victims, and their families, the list goes on. Heartbreak, chaos and overwhelming grief. Sharing the love of God is a great gift and comfort following this tragedy.

PLEASE give now to support our LCC K-9 Comfort Dog teams as they answer the call to deploy. Without your support, this travel is simply not possible.

Join me in praying for the families of those who have been killed and those wounded in this tragic shooting. Let us pray for the community of Dallas and for all those hurting. Please hold our team in prayer as they travel to Dallas.

You can help by:

  • You have the opportunity to HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE by PRAYING for all affected and assisting with this horrific incident.
  • You have an opportunity to HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE by supporting the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry
Thank you for your support to serve those who are suffering and in need. ”Tim"
Tim Hetzner, President
Lutheran Church Charities
Last Updated on Monday, 18 July 2016 15:26
Second Team Returns from Orlando Print E-mail
Orlando Love is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. 1 Corinthians 13:7

Last week, a second team of handlers and K-9 Comfort Dogs from Peace Lutheran Church - Grand Island, Nebraska; Redeemer Lutheran Church - Fort Collins, Colorado; and Concordia University - Mequon, Wisconsin arrived in Orlando to give love, compassion and comfort to all those who God placed in their path.

God perfectly arranged each encounter between the Comfort Dogs and their handlers with those who were hurting.

Comfort Dogs Zoey, Eddie and Cubby, with their handlers, stopped by several of the fire stations in Orlando who welcomed a visit from the team. The men and women of each fire station were thankful to receive the comfort and love these furry new friends gave as they shared their stories and hurts with the handlers. During one of these visits, it was requested that LCC K-9 Cubby, Eddie and Zoey visit the shifts of 911 Communication Center that were on duty the night of the Pulse Club shooting. This shift had not yet had an opportunity to visit with the dogs and really needed the gentleness, patience, and comfort that is freely offered by the Comfort Dogs. The 911 dispatchers are still distraught from the all the calls they received that night, replaying each moment over and over. They needed to share their stories with the handlers, who listened and offered prayer. The LCC K-9 Comfort Dog teams must have heard the words "thank you" at least 200 times that night from the supervisors, dispatchers, and police.


The team of handlers and dogs were blessed with opportunities to visit patients at the hospital in Orlando. While there, the team was asked to visit an 11-year-old girl who has been fighting cancer since age 4 and would be going home under hospice care. Each dog and handler took a turn visiting this precious child. She gave all her energy so she could pet each dog. She especially loved Cubby because she reminded her of her own dog, Butter, who she had not seen in a while. Her father broke down watching his daughter smile and having a moment of joy. The team prayed with her father, who was fighting so hard to be strong for his daughter. God brought the team to that family that day.

After visiting the fire stations, K-9 Eddie and his handler went for a walk to refresh and refocus. It was on this walk that God once again was directing their path. As they were walking by the 49 crosses representing each of the victims, they encountered a man and his mother. They mother and son stopped to pet Eddie. When the man found out the dog’s name (Eddie), he broke down and hugged Eddie so tightly. The man's brother was one of the victims and was buried that day. His brother’s name was Eddie. This man and his mother needed comfort and love and God made sure they received it that day.


The handlers from Peace Lutheran Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, and Concordia University Wisconsin shared that when the people of this grieving community pet the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, they poured out their hearts to the handlers and dogs. It was as if they were pulling out all of the sadness they were holding in and releasing it to Eddie, Cubby, and Zoey.

This is what this ministry is: the Mercy, Compassion, Presence, and Proclamation of Jesus Christ to those who are suffering and in need. Even though the teams have now left Orlando, we want you to know you remain in our prayers. Thank you for opening your city and your hearts to the 15 LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs and 26 handlers.

LCC never charges those we serve. To support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, click here
Last Updated on Friday, 01 July 2016 06:57
Comfort Dogs Visit Grieving Students in Rantoul, Illinois Print E-mail
Rantoul Principal Todd Wilson of Rantoul High School, Rantoul, Illinois, contacted LCC Sunday afternoon to request a visit Monday morning, June 20th. A student attending Summer School, Dakota Odem was killed in a car accident. Two other students from a neighboring school were also involved, one has broken ribs and leg, the other is in a coma. By 8am Monday morning LCC Comfort Dogs Darlin and Angel as well as Comfort Dogs in Training Olive, Gideon and Jeremiah and their handlers were at the school ready to meet the students when they arrived.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 June 2016 13:24
One K-9 Team Returns Home as the Next One Heads for Orlando Print E-mail
Orlando As the first team headed home from Orlando Monday morning June 20, the second team was preparing to go. Tuesday morning June 21, Eddie Comfort Dog from Peace Lutheran - Grand Island, Nebraska, Cubby Comfort Dog- Redeemer, Colorado, and Zoey Comfort Dog- Concordia University Wisconsin traveled to Orlando to spread the mercy, compassion, presence, and proclamation of Jesus Christ. They will be serving the Orlando community until Monday, June 27. Please keep everyone in your prayers. CLICK HERE TO GIVE TODAY

See more on Facebook!

Last Updated on Monday, 27 June 2016 15:32
Comfort Dogs Visit Arnold Palmer and Winnie Palmer Hospitals in Orlando Print E-mail
Arnold Palmer House Pictured are LCC Comfort Dog Susie and her friends Phoebe, Barnabas, Myelah, Jacob and Sasha outside the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, with Jeanine who arranged the visit. Susie, Phoebe and Sasha visited Arnold’s, while the other 3 dogs visited Winnie's.

From Brad Schroeder about the Comfort Dogs June 16th visit to Arnold Palmer and Winnie Palmer’s hospitals in Orlando

We had the joy of visiting many of the staff on the floors of the hospital, along with a number of children patients. Susie and I visited with a few children in the oncology ward. To see these little ones battling cancer was heartbreaking. At the same time it was heartwarming as they petted Susie and had a smile on their little faces. The other children we were blessed to meet loved Susie as we walked the wards.

The staff were so happy to meet and pet our dogs. These people treat these little ones every day and you can see they give their hearts to these children. I was humbled by their love and dedication to the kids. They are heroes.

We then greeted many children and parents in the cool Disney walkway. They loved our dogs and each of us handlers were so blessed to be there. I think we all shed a tear as we saw these children, many battling for their lives, loving our dogs.

I will remember this visit forever as one of love and awe. We are fortunate to have our health. I thank Jeanine and her staff for having us there and making the visit incredible. They are wonderful and care so much for the kids.

The other group that visited Winnie's were also thrilled and humbled by their time with staff and the children

I thank God for giving us these dogs and the opportunity to serve these children. Please keep Jeanine, all the staff and all the children in your prayers. God has a purpose for us all, today it was to bring a little happiness to the kids and the wonderful staff. Brad and Susie

From Jeanine Clapsaddle who organized the visit for the hospitals

It was such a great day with Susie, Phoebe, Sasha, Barney, Jacob and Mahlah! They brought great comfort to so many people- everyone from patients and parents, nurses, doctors, and administrators. There are no words to thank you for the gifts of your time and compassion. As Helen Keller once said, people may not remember what you did or what you said but they will remember the way that you made them feel. We will remember you for offering us a few moments of peace.

Our thoughts are with you as you process all that you have witnessed and absorbed in your time here.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 June 2016 13:25
Nebraska, LCC K-9 Comfort Dog #4! Print E-mail
Priscilla On June 16, 2016, 14 people from Nebraska walked into Lutheran Church Charities training facility in Northbrook ready to become Handlers and Caregivers for the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry. Through a lot of hard work, determination, laughter and perseverance they walked out in the late afternoon of June 18, as trained Handlers and Caregivers for Trinity Lutheran, Lincoln, Nebraska and Trinity Lutheran, Freemont, Nebraska. We are excited for the members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lincoln as they begin the Comfort Dog ministry in their community with LCC Comfort Dog Priscilla.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 June 2016 08:17
Comforting Orlando Print E-mail
Comfort Dog Since the 12 K-9 Comfort Dogs and 20 handlers arrived in Orlando, they have:

First Responders! Thank you for everything you do! We were surrounded by love tonight!

Please pray for the families and community of Orlando. My friends and I are on our way to be with them

Here we are with Pastor Bill and Blue and just a little later with a bag of ice cooling off. We all love ice

We're on our way to the vigil. #prayfororlando

We're here for you. #prayfororlando

Comfort Dog I'm on my way with lots of my friends to bring love mercy and compassion to the people of Orlando.

We are visiting with so many nice folks in Orlando. We went to the memorial vigil last night. Tomorrow a pray vigil at 7 pm. Please pass the word and pray with us.

9 hours of sleep in an air conditioned motel room, a good breakfast, a leisurely morning walk and lots and lots and lots of water and Orlando here we come!

It is estimated that over 7,500 attended the Prayer Vigil in Orlando Tuesday night

Comfort Dog

We are headed to a vigil of remembrance for those whose lives were taken. Please pray for their families. Isaiah 40:1 "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people"

We were able to bring some comfort to the fire dept first responders at the vigil tonight. Met with many people who are still in shock here at the vigil.

You have an opportunity to HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE by supporting the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry

CLICK HERE TO GIVE TODAY Some of the news stories about the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs in Orlando:
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 June 2016 13:06
A Special Visitor Print E-mail
Comfort Dog Received from Brad Schroeder, Handler for LCC Comfort Dog Susie, St Peter Lutheran Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois
June 8th Jerry Seevers, a teacher and principal for many years at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois passed away. Jerry loved his Lord and was an inspiration to many, he always had a smile and kind word. Every Sunday, Jerry would stop and pet our comfort dog Susie, calling her "my friend". In fact, every time he saw Susie his face lit-up with a smile.

When Jerry was moved to Hospice at NW Community Hospital one of his requests was to have his Susie visit him. Pastor contacted me with this request.

When we arrived, one of Jerry's sons said "Dad, your special visitor is here". Susie and I went to Jerry's bedside so that he could pet her. Jerry's face lit-up in a smile as he petted Susie and their eyes met. After a little while Jerry was quite tired and went to sleep. I do not know if Jerry woke up again.

It is these times that we are thankful and blessed to be part of this incredible comfort dog ministry. One of Jerry's final wishes was met and he now walks with his Lord. We need to all remember that Jesus works through our dogs to bring compassion and love to so many people. We just need to put them in a place to do so, God does the rest.

Please keep Jerry's family in your prayers. Susie and I will be at Jerry's wake and funeral next weekend. Jerry's family has asked for a framed picture of Susie for the wake.

Thank God for all our Blessings.

Brad and Susie

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 June 2016 16:39
Urgent Plea for Assistance for Casualties of Mass Shooting in Orlando, Florida Print E-mail

In the midst of the tragedy in Orlando,
you can Make A Difference in the Name of Jesus

These are all phrases going through people's minds
as they listen to the news about the tragic shootings
in Orlando, Florida at 2am this morning.
As of this writing, 50 dead, 53 wounded.
An intentional act of terrorism, the worst since 9/11.

Where is God in all this?
He is there as His people bring Comfort and Hope to those who are suffering! That's what His people do!

The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs have been invited by Rev. Gregory S. Walton, President of the Florida-Georgia District of the LCMS. We will be working through Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown Orlando. Trinity has a ministry of outreach to the LGBT community that surrounds their congregation. We will be working with LCMS Pastor Billy Brath from Trinity.

LCC will be deploying early tomorrow morning with 19 people, 11 LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs from 7 states (Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas). We will be there to bring the Mercy, Compassion, and Presence of Jesus Christ to those who are suffering because of this horrific incident. We will be working in the hospitals with those who were injured and will also be working with all the First Responders.

Please consider the heartbreak, chaos and overwhelming grief that this community, the victims, their families, and the First Responders are going through because of this horrific incident. Sharing the love of God is a great gift and comfort following this tragedy and will help people to see the only foundation that they can trust.


  • Prayers for everyone going and those we will be serving.
  • Financial support to cover transportation and lodging costs. LCC never charges those we serve. Without your support, this travel is simply not possible.

Join me in praying for the families of those who have been killed and those wounded in this tragic shooting. Let us pray for the community of Orlando and for all those hurting and please hold our team in prayer as they travel to Florida.

You can help by:
  • You have the opportunity to HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE by PRAYING for all affected and assisting with this horrific incident.
  • You have an opportunity to HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE by supporting the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry
Thank you for your support to serve those who are suffering and in need. ”Tim"
Tim Hetzner, President
Lutheran Church Charities
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 June 2016 12:39
Luther Comfort Dog’s Special Appointment Print E-mail
Ruthie and Kaylan We’ve heard about God’s divine appointments. His appointment with Kaylan happens to have a cast of LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, compassionate handlers, a loving family, friends, and many at the hospitals which Kaylan has visited and will visit in the week to come.

Kaylan’s journey started when she and her mom, Lynne, met the Comfort Dogs at an Empowerment Summit for women sponsored by P.A.V.E (Promoting Awareness – Victim Empowerment) in Palatine, Illinois on April 30, 2016. Kaylan and Lynne met nine K-9 Comfort Dogs & Kare 9 Military Ministry dogs that day. Kaylan’s day was complete, especially when she had a wonderful hug and a picture with Shiloh Comfort Dog. Kaylan herself has three dogs and, as her sister tells us, has been an animal lover ever since she was a young child. Just two days later, Kaylan’s life changed dramatically when the car she and her husband were driving rolled off the side of the road, leaving Kaylan with severe injuries and in a coma. After two weeks of trauma care in the hospital, Kaylan was moved to a longer care hospital where her body continued to heal and her family began the wait for Kaylan to awaken from her coma.

From the time Kaylan was admitted, her mom was thinking about what could most help Kaylan. Lynne contacted a friend who is a doctor and was at the Empowerment Summit and they both thought about asking the Comfort Dogs to visit. The doctor reached out to LCC to see what the possibility might be.

After hearing Lynne tell of Kaylan’s condition, LCC staff member Richard Martin offered to come right over with Luther Comfort Dog to be with Kaylan and her family at her bedside. The visit started out like many of the visits the Comfort and Kare 9 dogs make with their handlers. After checking in and completing the customary record check, Rich entered the room with Luther and met several members of Kaylan’s family. As Rich positioned chairs to easily approach Kaylan with Luther, she lay still, the sound of monitors and the hiss of oxygen filling the room. After a very careful check of equipment, and questions about areas of safety, Rich was able to gently lay Luther’s head across Kaylan’s lap. With Luther’s head on her lap, the screen on the monitor showed, as has been the case in many visits we see, Kaylan’s blood pressure and heart rate numbers lower from their stressed levels. Kaylan’s mom gently lifted Kaylan’s right hand on Luther’s head while Luther calmly complied. The monitors were not the only things that moved as you could see Kaylan’s eyes move beneath her eyelids.

Kaylan’s visits have been limited in time and guests. Rich and Luther’s visit that day ended like so many others with a hand held out and in prayer. Afterwards, Rich talked to Lynne about bringing Ruthie Comfort Dog back the next time, and Lynne agreed.

What happened at that visit just two days later is, well you decide. Kaylan had been receiving excellent treatment in the two days since Rich’s visit with Luther. When Rich returned with Ruthie, Kaylan was positioned in a chair with many monitors and some new equipment. As Rich once again positioned the chairs into a place where a visit could be accomplished, Kaylan’s mom let her know that Ruthie was near. As Ruthie’s head came close, Kaylan’s right eye began opening. The visit included a careful “lap” visit, as petite Ruthie gently lay across Kaylan’s lap. Rich again asked to end the visit with prayer and, as the three held hands, her mother heard Kaylan say “Amen”.

Visits continued every few days over several weeks as Kaylan continued to improve and prepared to move to a rehabilitation hospital in Chicago, where the Comfort Dogs and Kaylan hope to continue their visits.

During one special visit, which included both Luther and Ruthie, Ruthie was allowed to visit other patients and staff while Luther visited with Kaylan. Kaylan’s visit on Memorial Day with Luther and Rich was special, as Kaylan quietly talked about her love of animals and how she loves Luther. After an extended visit, Kaylan and her sister extended their hands as Rich lifted Kaylan up in prayer and gave thanks to God for His continued love and comfort.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 17:54
Lessons from an Ol' Comfort Dog Print E-mail
Kare 9 and K-9 Teams LCC President Tim Hetzner and the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs and Kare 9 Military Ministry were invited by Pecatonica High School for Tim to be the speaker a their Baccalaureate Service. Tim's topic was "Lessons Learned from an Ol' Comfort Dog". Some of the golden nuggets were: "Bark Less" and "If you want what you cannot see, dig until you find it". These and 13 other golden nuggets were shared. LCC worked through Rev Terry Theiss a St John Lutheran Church in Pecatonica. LCC wishes the class of 2016 God's best.

The K-9 Ministry Team included:
Comfort Dogs:
Jonah (LCC), Adeena (St. John Lutheran, Burlington, IL)
Kare 9 Military Dogs: Britta, Butch and Spike
Handlers: Vicky Pientok, Shar & Dave Farran, Keith & Judy Stanton, Joyce & Dale Sasse, and Raleigh & Linda Showens

Last Updated on Saturday, 28 May 2016 11:59
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Partners in Comfort

The Comfort Dog Ministry is made possible through the generous support of the following:

Veterinary Services provided by:

Dr. Michelle T. Cahill, DVM of Academy Animal Hospital, Joplin, MO

Drs. Glen Redeker and Erin Redeker-Goelitz of Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, Carpentersville, Illinois

Lake Station Pet Clinic, Portage, Indiana

Dr Jacqueline Vernot of Veterinary Vision, Glendale Heights, Illinois

Dr. Paul A. Navin, DVM of All Pets Hospital in Lockport, IL

Dr. Mark Hughes, DVM of Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital , Grand Island, Nebraska

Dr. Ron Mitchell, DVM of Westport Animal Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. John DeVries, DVM of The DeVries Animal Hospital, Elmhurst, Illinois

Dr. Julie Mattson of Terry Animal Hospital, Wilmette, Illinois

Drs. Stapleton and Ford of Barrington Animal Hospital, Barrington, Illinois

Dr. Bohdan Rudawski of Fox Lake Animal Hospital, Fox Lake, Illinois

Dr. Brian Rooney of Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic, Darien, Illinois

Dr. Kurt E. Klepitsch of Gateway Veterinary Clinic, St. Charles, Illinois

Veterinarians of Care Animal Hospital, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Dr. Dana Resetarits, DVM of Buckwalter Veterinary Clinic, Bluffton, South Carolina

Dr. Mark Hughes, DVM of Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital, Grand Island, Nebraska

Dr. Kurt Bedow, DVM of Webster Groves Animal Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri

Grooming Services provided FREE by:

Debbie Szwandrok of Eclipse Dog Grooming, Elmhurst, Illinois

Denise Goelitz of Kitten KaPoodle Mobile Pet Grooming, Elgin, Illinois

Ana Ristic of Two Paws Up in Itasca, Illinois

Jeannie's Pet Boutique, Portage, Indiana

Lisa Racine of Grooming Lodge, South Elgin, Illinois

Paw-metto Pooches Pet Salon, Bluffton, South Carolina

Support these businesses so they will continue to support the dogs!