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Lutheran Church Charities operates with a policy where 100% of the money donated to a specific need goes toward that need. The transaction costs will be paid by LCC administrative funds, not from a percentage off of the donation.
Current Needs
Member with Severe Medical Problems Needs $3,000 to Avoid Eviction Print E-mail
Rev Dan Gilbert and Rev Ed Ungemach Request from Northern Illinois District President Dan Gilbert and Pastor Ed Ungemach, Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church & School, Antioch, Illinois

Faith has a member who is in desperate need of financial assistance. John is on the verge of a divorce. His marriage began to disintegrate over John’s inability to hold a job because of ulcerative colitis and a degenerative hip condition. Each time John has a significant attack his doctor holds him out of work for long periods so his employers won’t keep a job open.

In early February John finally landed a permanent job that he thought of as his “dream job”. Unfortunately, within a few weeks of landing this job, during his training period, John had another attack of ulcerative colitis so severe that he ended up in ICU for a number of days. His ten-day hospital stay totaled to more than $40,000 and he again lost his job as his doctor did not clear him to return to work before his new employer told him he could no longer continue because of lack of availability.

Currently, John’s most grievous need is to secure his condominium which will go into foreclosure at the end of the month if he does not come up with funds. A minimum of $3,000 is required by the end of April to pay off the back debt and bring him current on his mortgage payments. His mounting medical bills are also a concern but the immediate need is to secure his home.

As his congregation we have come up with some preliminary assistance for John but his need is so dire and great that we cannot meet it by ourselves. If you are able to help John it would be such a blessing for him as he continues to work to put his life together.

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Fire Burns Home of St. Matthew's Staff Member Tony Valdivia Print E-mail

Request from Pastor Julio Loza of St Matthew Lutheran Church (home of the El Comedor Popular Soup Kitchen LCC supports) in the Pilsen Neighborhood in Chicago

EASTER is NEW LIFE - Please consider sharing that New Life in Christ with a family who is hurting. Just this week, the two flat apartment building where Tony Valdivia, a lay assistant at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, and his family lived, burned down causing the loss of all their belongings. Tony, his wife Korissa, and their two children, 1-1/2 year-old daughter Kiara and six-year-old son Tony Jr., were not in the apartment at the time of the fire. For that they and we are thankful. However, the family did not have renter's insurance and have lost everything, including their appliances that they had purchased and just paid off.

Tony has been a member of St. Matthew since age 7. He is now in his mid-twenties and assists with bilingual worship services (English/Spanish) at St. Matthew's mission of faith. He also teaches a confirmation class. When not serving at St Matthew, Tony works as a manager of a fast food restaurant. Korrissa, his wife, just completed her training and is a certified nail technician. In January she had back surgery. She is still receiving physical therapy and is unable to work. Once she has completed her therapy she is hoping to find a job and help support the family financially.

The family has found very short-term temporary shelter in the home of friends. They are looking for another apartment as soon as they can, but need $1,600 to cover the first month's rent and security deposit. They also need financial assistance to replace their lost possessions.

Lutheran Church Charities joins with Pastor Loza and the congregation of St. Matthew to request your prayers and financial support for the family as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

So consider this Easter of Bringing a New LIFE gift to this family who are truly Servants of Our Lord.

You can contribute by:
Donating online: click here
Donating by mail (please put "Valdivia Family Fund" in the memo line):
        Lutheran Church Charities
        333 West Lake Street
        Addison, IL 60101
Donate by phone: (866) 455-6466 Click here to donate to help the family with rental assistance.

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LCMS Pastor and Family in Desperate Need Due to Medical Situation Print E-mail

Request from President Mark Miller of the Central Illinois District of the LCMS

President Mark Miller An active pastor (in his forties) and his family in the Central Illinois District are in need of financial assistance. The pastor's wife suffered from a stroke last year, and now must undergo further medical testing.

Another growth has been found and they now need to schedule an MRI, but cannot do so since they do not have the funds. The pastor sold his car recently, but that was not enough. They have been trying to keep up with the monthly bills but are on a tight, fixed income. Between the Pastor's health issues that cause him to have nerve and muscle attacks, his wife's situation, and their son's medical issues, they have 17 different doctors and co-pays on all of them.

The Pastor has now begun selling his professional library to raise the needed funds to cover bills so that his wife can have the MRI. With past, current, and upcoming bills, just shy of $10,000 is needed. Any assistance to this pastor and his family would be of great help.

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Single Woman of Six Children in Need of a Van Print E-mail

Request from Pastor Mark Carlson of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Kettering, Ohio

LCC received a request from Pastor Mark Carlson of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Kettering, Ohio:
Dear Lutheran Church Charities,

Dawn Ogle is a woman our congregation has been ministering to who is in need of a van to carry 7 passengers. She has fallen on hard times due to a devastating house fire. Dawn is a grandmother caring for her six grandchildren whose mother passed away. We are so blessed that the Lord has been drawing Dawn into the Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Kettering congregation as she is now attending our Adult Instruction Class to become a Confirmed Member and we are planning to baptize her six grandchildren.

Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Mark Carlson

If you have a working van please consider donating it to LCC for this single mother. All vehicles that are donated to LCC go directly out to families or individuals through our congregations. NO vehicles are sold. If you would like to donate call LCC at 866-455-6466 and we will help with the details.

LCC Staff Member Marshal Frisque and Family Head to LCMS Seminary - Prayer & Financial Support Needed Print E-mail

Request from Marshal Frisque of Lutheran Church Charities

On Tuesday, March 4th, LCC received a request for prayer and financial support from LCC staff member Marshal Frisque as he and his family prepare to move to Fort Wayne, Indiana to attend Seminary:
Frisque family Greetings in Christ!

I write you today to seek your support, both in prayer and financially. My wife Kolyssa and I, along with our 8-month-old daughter Cadence, will be leaving Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) to attend Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

My time at LCC has taught me the importance of serving those in need and bringing them the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. God has laid it on our hearts to follow the track into Pastoral ministry where I will be used by Him to help nurture believers and bring people closer to Christ.

This move and entering a four-year program comes at a hefty financial cost. God will stretch my family in many ways and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve. We ask that if the Lord lays it on your heart to help support us to please do so. If you would like to keep in touch with us and follow a seminarian family through the process of becoming a pastor, please subscribe to our blog, Becoming Pastor Marshal.

We thank everyone for their support, encouragement and love as we follow God's path for our lives. We hold you dear in our thoughts and prayers.

In Christ,
Marshal and Kolyssa Frisque

If you would like to financially support Marshal and his family as they enter the seminary, click here to donate to the LCC Seminarian Support Fund and select Marshal from the list of seminarians
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Pecatonica, Illinois: Parents of Six Children Lose Home to a Fire Print E-mail
On Friday, February 28th, LCC received the following request from Pastor David Thies of St. Paul Lutheran Church & School:
Dear Tim and Friends at Lutheran Church Charities,

Aaron and Lorrie Wolf lost their family home to a fire On Thursday, February 27th, the lives of the Wolf family of Pecatonica, Illinois, Aaron & Lorrie, parents and 6 children of 8th grade to age 3, changed rather quickly. At 5:30am, Dad Aaron arose to begin his day and noticed a strange glow in the wall near the wood burning stove used to supplement the main heating unit to their two story and fairly aged home in the country on a few acres. Upon further investigation, he realized that time was short - the house and all in it were at risk.

The family was quickly aroused and exited safely, only to stand and watch the house ignite and be mostly consumed by flames as they awaited the emergency vehicles' arrival. They had escaped mostly with only what they had worn in their exit. Mother Lorrie described it contemporaneously in the following way in a posting on Facebook about an hour later:

"Dear friends, God saved us again this morning. Everyone is safe and sound, but our house is gone. A fire is consuming it right now. Please be in prayer for us as we deal with this new trial in our lives. God is with us, He neither leaves nor forsakes us. I will try to find a way to communicate our needs. I know everyone is concerned. Mostly we covet your prayers while we take a day to set up housekeeping with our family and assess our needs. God has graciously provided for us a temporary home with Aaron's parents and, most importantly, our family is safe."

The Wolfs have been a member family with us at St. Paul Lutheran Church & School for about six or seven years. We have watched several kids be born and all of them grow. Prior to this tragedy, we have walked with them in the discovery and impact of dealing with their third child Carl's diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy for which he has been treated for about three years and their second child Kate's struggle with Diabetes and very erratic blood sugar causing repeated emergency hospitalizations. Now with this, we wish to help them financially through donations with Lutheran Church Charities helping as it might assist.

The Wolfs did have homeowners insurance to help some with some immediate cash which for clothes and other immediate needs. These have been supplemented by many friends from St. Paul and their homeschool group making unused clothes and other items available. They were able to move into the adjoining duplex unit to Aaron's parents that was available with the death of Aaron's grandmother prior, so that they had immediate temporary housing. Now we, as their fellow Christians brace with them for the certain time when temporary funds are expended and financial needs of the long term challenge them in being made whole from their experience and losses of property and medical care needs for the children's ailments.

Aaron works as a writer and editor for a magazine on culture from a Christian perspective. Lorrie is part time employed as coordinator of the local Classical Communications homeschool co-op in Rockford. Aaron teaches Bible class at our church and the family has always been active and faithful in worship attendance with us and a joy to all.

Please consider whether you might help us administrate the receipt of donations in partnership with St. Paul so that we can start the process of helping the Wolfs financially.

Let's extend our graciousness and help this family in a time of great need. Click here to donate
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Single Mother in Need of Financial Assistance Print E-mail

Request from Pastor Dave Bottorff of St. John Lutheran Church in Darien, Illinois

Pastor Dave Bottorff LCC received the following request for assistance from Pastor Dave Bottorff of St. John Lutheran Church in Darien, Illinois:
Dear LCC,

I am writing you regarding a member of our St. John Lutheran Church in Darien, Illinois family. My concern is for our member, she is a devoted mother of a five year old and is struggling financially. These financial struggles are compounded by the fact that she is unemployed, living in a women's shelter and trying to meet monthly living expenses with no current income other than a monthly social security check.

In the past she has worked in a daycare position; but she no longer holds that position. Most recently, she has been in two car accidents, both requiring that she pay a $1,000 deductible towards the repair of her vehicle.

Any financial assistance that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. We are prayerfully asking for help during these struggling times.

Thank you for your prayers for this member and her son and for your financial support for her!

Pastor Dave

Click here to donate to the Member Assistance - St John Darien Fund
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Family in Need of Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment Print E-mail

Request from Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Concordia, Missouri

LCC received the following request for assistance from Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan, Senior Pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Concordia, Missouri:
Funds for Martens Family St. Paul Lutheran Church Concordia MissouriGreetings in the Lord! Gina Martens is our congregation's Director of Family Life Ministry. Her daughter, Kerstin, was diagnosed with severe form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder last Spring. This fall, she began to struggle severely and was hospitalized for three months at Mayo Clinic. Kerstin has returned home, but recently went through a set of treatments that were not covered by insurance. The financial burden on the family from their time at Mayo (a portion of which was covered by insurance) and this latest treatment is exceedingly great. Would LCC assist us in striving to provide support for this family?

Thanks for all you do to support families in need.

Peace in Christ,
Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Concordia, Missouri

Click here to learn more about Kerstin and her illness Click here to donate - Medical Assistance - St Paul's Concordia, Missouri
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