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Dollar-In Dollar-Out Policy

Lutheran Church Charities operates with a policy where 100% of the money donated to a specific need goes toward that need. The transaction costs will be paid by LCC administrative funds, not from a percentage off of the donation.
Current Needs
Syrian Convert Needs Help with Immigration Expenses Print E-mail
Families in Need LCC received the following request from Pastor Hicham Chehab, Salam Christian Fellowship, Lombard, IL:

A new convert from Syria living in Chicagoland, who goes by Paul, needs help with immigration fees and expenses. The cost is $1500.

This convert left Syria to escape persecution and destruction. His house was destroyed and was jailed for criticizing Islam. Please show that the Body of Christ is one through your prayer and financial support.

In God's Peace,
Hesham Shehab
Pastor, Salam Christian Fellowship
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Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 June 2016 11:40
Single Mother in Need of Assistance Print E-mail
Pastor Louis Vician Pastor Vician, Supply Pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Matteson, Il is requesting assistance for a single mother in need. Please read his note and consider a gift to help her through this difficult time.
Hi All,

I have a small problem. We are in contact with a lady from Park Forest, Illinois (a town near Matteson). She is a single mom with several small children. Her water has been shut-off. It will cost about $1200 to pay this water bill and get her water turned on again.

Neither I nor Zion Lutheran Church, Matteson can afford to help this lady. Please help me help her.

In His holy Name,
Rev. Louis Vician, Supply Pastor at Zion Lutheran Church, Matteson, IL

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 11:46
Refugee Family In Need of Rent Money Print E-mail
Families in Need LCC received the following request from Pastor Hicham Chehab, Salam Christian Fellowship, Lombard, IL:
A Syrian refugee family needs help with $1,100 for rent this month. The bread winner is a hard worker but the car broke down and took most of the paycheck to fix it. Please show the love of Christ to this family of four who escaped death in Syria.

With many thanks and appreciation,
The Rev. Hicham Chehab

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 11:48
Chronic Health Conditions Leave Family in Financial Peril Print E-mail
Pastor Charles Request from Pastor Charles Strietelmeier, Augustana Lutheran Church - Hobart, Indiana
I am writing to request help for Jim and Tammi Nush. Jim held a job for many years until complications of his childhood spina bifida intensified. He now suffers from a heart condition, kidney failure and a chronic kidney infection. His right leg has been amputated and he is on dialysis and on disability.

His wife works for a local school district and their daughter and 4 year old grand daughter lives with them. For the most part they are able to make ends meet, but are one paycheck away from collapse. Because of garnishment on Tammi's paycheck, they are in arrears on rent: they have paid this month's, but are about $1,000 behind. Because of their tight budget it is hard to see how they could ever make it up.

I am supporting their request for $1,000 to cover back rent.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 May 2016 13:06
Request from Good Samaritan Ministries - Immanuel Palatine, Illinois Print E-mail
Immanuel Palatine Good Samaritan Ministries is a witness of the presence of Jesus to all individuals and families at Immanuel, the Palatine areas, and selected missions. Their ministry is to those whose needs range from urgent to dire by responding in the following core areas: assessment of needs, referrals, food, clothing and financial assistance. They are currently working with a single mother whose king-size mattress and box spring were destroyed in a flood. She is in need of a new replacement due to her daughter's allergies, with whom she shares the bed.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 May 2016 13:06
Army National Guardsman and Family with Multiple Needs Print E-mail
Car Need LCC’s Kare-9 Military Ministry is currently assisting a young military family with two children, one of which is a 6-year-old daughter with a rare genetic disorder, Apert syndrome. Even with military health benefits, they are behind $5,000 on hospital bills and in arrears on Cook County property taxes. Adding to the burden is major roof damage prohibiting them from renting out part of their home for added income.

The Kare-9 representatives have contacted Team Rubicon, a veteran based non-profit, who has offered to do the work on the roof repairs. They will be sending a roofer to inspect the damages this week. Once an estimate is given for the roof repairs and inside water damage, an update will be given on this situation.

We ask that you:
  • Pray for the Britton Family

  • Provide financial assistance to help cover hospital bills, back taxes or the costs of roof and home repair.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 May 2016 13:05
Assistance for Associate Pastor and Family with Recent Adoption Costs Print E-mail

“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with action and in truth” - 1 John 3:18

Request from Pastor Jerry Hays, St Peter Schaumburg, Illinois: Assistance for Associate Pastor and family with recent adoption costs

When a person preaches the Gospel without using words, the Spirit moves those around into action on that person's behalf.

Hintz Family Love knows no bounds, no costs. There are times when a biological mother is unable to care for her child but still loves the child enough to make the best choice out of love. In this story, a young homeless mother was lost, considered an abortion out of desperation, but soon found out that the abortion was cost prohibitive, not just in monetary terms. She sought out a Christian adoption agency who would help her find a loving family for her unborn child. That family was Associate Pastor Greg and Sara Hintz of St. Peter Lutheran Church and School in Schaumburg, Illinois. This mother chose to give her daughter life instead of aborting her. The Lord called the Hintzes by putting little Kaliyah into their life and they answered His call even though the cost was high.

Thanks to a Lutheran Church Charities donor, in addition to Senior Pastor Jerry Hays of St. Peter, Schaumburg, this story was not only shared with us, but a lead gift for this family has been given.

A decade ago, the Hintz family had been blessed with four children and were frequently going on mission trips where they developed a heart for orphans. It was during this time they made a decision to prayerfully consider adoption. In 2008 they sadly lost their infant son, Samuel, and soon after began the adoption process.

Their prayers were abundantly answered with four children in the Lord's creative timing and way. All of these children's mothers had specifically chosen the Hintz family to be the adoptive parents of their children.

As a birth mother, Sara can understand and empathize with the gut-wrenching decision these young women must make, the sacrifice of relinquishing your child to the care of another for the rest of their life here on earth.

There is another sacrifice that the Hintz family understands all too well, although completely and without hesitation, happily made. They used almost all of their savings, originally planned for a down-payment for a house, to cover the adoption costs. This is in total, $39,500 towards medical bills for mother and child, legal fees, and social reporting. The Hintz family has 8 living children, 4 biological and 4 adopted.

Yet through it all, Pastor Greg and Sara keep their hearts and home open. They continue to keep the relationships with the birth mothers and see it as part of their ministry. They recognize these are all God's children; the birth mothers as well as the children. Through this financial burden, they continue to trust in the Lord because He is always faithful. He has always provided.

They feel blessed by having the opportunity to love on these precious children God has given them to call their own. "God has always had his hand in everything and supplied what we needed. We just keep on keeping on," said Pastor Greg. They feel these children are worth investing in no matter the burden.

The miracles and examples set by this family and the open relationship they are keeping with the birth mothers of these wonderful children of God are life affirming Christian acts. This family is a wonderful example of how to walk in the light.

"I want to walk as a child of the light;
I want to follow Jesus
God set the stars to give light to the world;
The star of my life is Jesus."

We ask you help in the following ways:

  • Pray for Pastor Hintz, his family and the birth mothers
  • Provide financial assistance for Pastor Greg and his family to be used towards the housing and transportation needs.

Please give generously today to help this loving family as they have helped others.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 April 2016 09:02
Syrian Refugee In Need of Car Repair Print E-mail
Families in Need LCC received the following email from Pastor Hesham Shehab (Salam Christian Fellowship - Lombard, IL) regarding a family in desperate need of support:
Dear Friends, A hard working head of household of four who fled Syria for their lives needs auto repairs for the vehicle that he drives to work. The estimated cost is $ 400. We hope that you show the love of Christ by donating to help this family make a living in their new safe haven in the USA.

In God's Peace,
Hesham Shehab
Pastor, Salam Christian Fellowship
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Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 May 2016 15:10
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