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Dollar-In Dollar-Out Policy

Lutheran Church Charities operates with a policy where 100% of the money donated to a specific need goes toward that need. The transaction costs will be paid by LCC administrative funds, not from a percentage off of the donation.
Current Needs
Request for Chair-Lift for Woman at Zion Lutheran Print E-mail
Zion Lutheran Parish Nurse, Jane Geske at Zion Lutheran Church in Bensenville, brought to our attention the need for a lift chair by Marcia, a member of the church. A used chair or money for a new or used chair would be most appreciated.

If you have a chair to donate, CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 14:01
Capes Family Fund in Rochelle, IL Print E-mail
Capes On Saturday evening LCC staff member Dianna Bonfield delivered a check to Rev. Gregory Hoffmann of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Rochelle, IL for the Capes family who lost everything in the April 9th tornado that hit Rochelle. After the service, talking with Lillie and Ruben Capes, Dianna learned that by God’s grace they were not in their home of 46 years when the tornado destroyed the house. For one hundred years that house weathered storms of all kinds but not this last one. On that day, which also happened to be their 60th wedding anniversary, Lillie and Ruben were not home when the tornado destroyed their home. When they returned home they thanked God that they had not been there. Amongst the rubble of what had been their home they found Lillie’s three dobroes undamaged and still in their cases. Lillie plays the dobro in St. Paul’s praise band (a dobro is a guitar-like instrument that lays on your lap when played). As they cleared away the rubble of their home they thought they would eventually find the body of their dead cat but two weeks later the cat was found alive stuck within the flue of the fireplace chimney.

Truly this was another story of God’s love and faithfulness. Out of the tragedy and destruction brought good to those He loves through the work of hundreds of volunteers who came to help with the clean-up. Your donations will help the Capes put their lives back together. In about 10 weeks, about the first of August, they will be moving into a newly built home.

CLICK HERE to continue providing financial help for the Capes at this critical time.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 May 2015 18:13
Request from Rev Mark Miller – CID District President – Young Pastor is in Desperate Need of Help from a Prolonged Illness Print E-mail
Health Problems Our ability to take a breath is something most of us take for granted, but what happens when you cannot breathe? A respiratory disease can limit a person's ability to interact with others because of infection, it can limit the ability to communicate, it can limit mobility. Rev. Mark Miller, president of the Central Illinois District of LCMS, has a pastor in his district who has been battling a multitude of respiratory problems since before Christmas. The drugs he is taking to fight infection do not allow him to sleep more than a few hours each night. The infections and diseases have limited his ability to serve his congregation, to enjoy his family and leave him so weak that he is barely able to make it through a sermon on Sunday. Plus all the hospital, doctor and pharmacy bills have placed a tremendous strain on the family finances.

Please keep this pastor in your prayers and if you could assist with his medical bills, please click here.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 May 2015 18:39
Iraqi Family Needs Rent Help Print E-mail
Iraqi Family Update: Thanks to your generous support‎ Pastor Shehab was presented with a check of your donations. Iraqi Family

Rev. Hesham Shehab, pastor of Salam Christian Fellowship in Lombard, IL, requests help for a new Iraqi refugee family. The head of the household is between two jobs, and will be able to stand on his feet next month, but this month the family needs $900 to cover their rent. As Pastor Shehab wrote “…please show the love of Christ by donating to this new Salam family.”

Click here to donate towards rental assistance for this Iraqi refugee family.

Last Updated on Monday, 18 May 2015 10:21
Help Laurie, Ella and Hayden Cross the Finish Line!! Print E-mail
family in need Last year, at the request of Pastor Warren Schilf, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Palatine, IL, we told you the story of Laurie Wavrunek and her two children who are battling a combination of illnesses (Lyme disease, mold allergies and others) that has all but paralyzed the family. Your generous donations have helped them deal with the very expensive and difficult treatments they are undergoing in Florida. But their commitment to save their lives cost them over $300,000 in 2013 and more again in 2014. Below is an update on their story. Your prayers and donations would again be appreciated.

Remember that for donations like this 100% of every dollar you contribute to their cause goes to their cause (through their church).

Click here to donate to the family’s treatment Click here to read the original request

Life is good. I like that slogan. I even enjoyed saying it to myself while I cut grass on the property that we rented in the country. We didn't have much financially or materialistically, but we loved the Lord our God and we were blessed with two wonderful children, whom we were homeschooling. We were very health-conscious, eating organically, loving the outdoors and nature, and exercising regularly. Our children even participated in a triathlon and I had competed in 5K and 8K runs and 3 triathlons. All this until my foot went mysteriously numb during one of the bike portions of a race. I didn't think much about it until I began to experience more bizarre symptoms and progressively became sicker with each passing day.

A few of the most common repeated symptoms I experienced over a 6 month period were: intense neck pain and cracking, headaches, tingling and numbness in my extremities, burning pain in my feet and head, joint pain in my wrists, knees and ankles, dizziness, face and jaw pressure, tooth pain, crawling sensations in my face and down my spine, forgetfulness, brain fog, difficulty finishing my sentences, difficulty writing and forgetting how to write certain letters, brain vibrations, swirling noises and sensations in my head, auditory hallucinations, feelings of disconnect from my family, increased anxiety, inability to walk at times due to weakness in my legs, loss of bodily hair, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, weight loss and blurred vision.

During the six months of symptoms, I had a brain and neck MRI and a sinus CT scan completed. I saw multiple doctors, Specialists, and top Neurologists in Madison, WI. I was told by all the doctors that there "was nothing physically wrong with me" and that it was more than likely that I was "sleep deprived and my symptoms were all psychological." I was given a prescription for an anti-depressant to help with my "head pressure and vibrations."

To be honest, I was sent home to die, as I got worse everyday. I was my own advocate and researched day and night. I tried to tell doctors I had Lyme Disease but no one would believe me. A top Neurologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison told me "Chronic Lyme Disease has not been scientifically proven and Lyme is not prevalent in Wisconsin, it's mostly on the East coast." All of which was not true! I finally did find a Naturopath doctor who believed me. Through IGeneX labs in California, she tested me and my 9 year old daughter, who was also exhibiting some symptoms (extreme fatigue and tingling/numbing sensations) and who was told by multiple doctors that she just had "allergies." The results were we both had Lyme Disease. We began a round of antibiotics until I could locate a LLMD (Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor) who could take over my care.

In the meantime, it was also recommended that we have our rental home checked for mold. We did and found that there was Stachybotrys mold and other toxic molds in the home. We had to vacate the house immediately. Over the weekend of Thanksgiving 2013, we put our belongings into a storage shed and by the mere grace of God, my parents had a lake cabin near my husband's work, where we were able to stay.

At the end of November 2013, I was able to finally see a LLMD. (He did not treat children, so my daughter continued with antibiotic use via our Naturopath doctor until the end of December 2013, when she appeared improved.) I was put on 5 various oral antibiotics, 2 anti-fungals and a lot of various supplements. I initially improved somewhat, but then got actually sicker on treatment. I began having nausea, vomiting and was unable to eat. I was losing my balance as well and needed a cane to walk. In May 2014, my LLMD told me to stop treatment for a month for my stomach to heal. It was at this time that I realized oral antibiotics were not the answer for me and I began looking out of state for other treatment options The Lord guided us to Sponaugle Wellness Institute in Florida, where I began IV natural (and occasional antibiotic) treatment on June 2, 2014.

Since being here, I have learned that I not only have Lyme Disease, but I also have its co-infections of Bartonella and Babesia, as well as Trichothecene (black mold) toxicity which shuts down your immune system. Upon further testing of our family, it was noted that they all also have Trichothecene toxicity and that Ella and Hayden both have Lyme Disease and Bartonella. Genetic testing showed that Jeff (my spouse), Ella and I do not have the ability to detoxify mold or Lyme toxins. Hayden cannot detoxify mold toxins.

Since Jeff was "functional" and had to return to work, he was not treated at the clinic. Ella and Hayden began IV treatment with me in October 2014.

With any disease and toxicity, once you begin treatment, you get worse before you get better. We have all had good days and bad days. On the good days, there are minimal symptoms, mainly fatigue. On the bad days, there is blurry vision, brain fog, head pressure, nausea, chest and joint pain, difficulty walking, etc. Ella and I have been in/out of wheelchairs due to weakness. I had a cardiac event related to toxin release and a spinal injury , unrelated to treatment. Ella gets daily IV insertions for treatment, Hayden and I both have had PICC lines inserted as our veins were not as good. I am glad to say we are seeing improvements and through it all, our God has been good and is our ROCK, strength and peace!

During our time in treatment, Jeff received a job offer in Oregon. He was able to stay with us for about 2 months last year, but had to leave on November 18, 2014 to begin his new job venture. He is now in Oregon, renting a room in a house, while we remain in treament. It is very hard on all of us, especially the children, as we miss each other greatly! It has been almost 6 months since we have seen him. My parents have been here with us since Jeff left. We are all staying in one hotel room. The kids and I have been living in the hotel for almost a year now.

Although we are getting closer, we are not yet finished with treatment. I have improved about 85%. I do not know how much longer the children or I will have. We do not want to have to end treatment abruptly due to finances, as the treatment IS EFFECTIVE and IS WORKING!! It is just this disease and toxicities are so awful, that it takes time to treat them.

Since getting sick in 2013, we have spent well over $300,000 out of pocket on healthcare treatment since insurance will not pay for Lyme Disease treatment, supplements or any other alternative modalities. Having three of us now in treatment (me for 11 months and my children for 6 months) you can imagine the costs we are enduring. We have now gone through our entire life savings and have no hidden investments available. We do not have a house to sell.

Would you please consider donating to help us so we can properly finish our treatment? My parents are graciously helping us with food and hotel costs, but Jeff and I are asking for your help with our medical expenses, which are not covered by insurance. All donations will go towards our weekly IV treatments (5 days per week), colonic hydrotherapies (2x/week), weekly PICC line dressing changes, medical supplements and/or various lab work.

THANK YOU so much for your consideration! We greatly appreciate any donation and your prayers for our family. God Bless You!! Jeff, Laurie, Ella and Hayden

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 May 2015 08:05
Dentures Needed for Volunteer at Salam Christian Fellowship Print E-mail
Shaker needing dental work Shaker, a new convert from Iran, needs a new set of dentures. He has been helping with Salam Christian Fellowship for 7 years. Recently his dentures broke and cannot eat solid foods. He is in need of a new set of dentures which would cost about $ 600, much more than he can afford.

Please show the love of Christ to those who are persecuted by their family like Shaker by donating generously for this cause. CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 May 2015 09:07
Member at Christ the King Gets 5 Day Eviction Notice Print E-mail
Christ the King Luterhan Church Pastor John Brazeal of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Chicago is asking for assistance for one of his congregants.

“Last year Bill lost his house in a foreclosure and then he lost his job. He is living in temporary housing…. His unemployment has run out and he is doing odd jobs to try to keep up his rent. This week he received a five day notice for (his housing) which is past due. He will most likely need assistance for the next two months…while he continues to look for a job. Any help would be appreciated.”

To assist Bill with his rent for the next few months, click here. CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 April 2015 08:13
UPDATE: Two Families Who Lost Their Homes in Tornado Print E-mail
Last week we told you about two families that lost everything in the tornado that went through Northern Illinois earlier this month.

couple The Capes, members of St. Paul in Rochelle, IL were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary when the tornado destroyed their home and farm. We appreciate the donations received to date, but this tragedy will take much more time, effort and money to help them heal. Please don’t forget them.

Your financial help for them at this critical time would be appreciated DONATE HERE.

Cline Family


Pastor Yarrington of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lindenwood, IL sent an update on the Cline family whose home was destroyed in the March tornado that devastated Fairdale, IL. Here’s an excerpt:

Wayne and Peggy have been members of my congregation for many years and were badly injured when their three-story home lifted away in the tornado and they were showered with debris. Wayne is a disabled person and was unable to shelter in the basement of his home due to his immobility. Both Wayne and Peggy are not on the mend thanks to many donations, will be moving into a comfortable apartment tomorrow morning. Please continue to include them in your prayers as their journey to a new life will be difficult.

It is only through the kindness of organizations such as yours that the cline Family has hope of reconstructing their lives. I visit them regularly and each time they are overwhelmed by the generosity of others who do not know them, but care deeply.

The Clines also lost their home in Fairdale. They were in their house when the tornado hit and all were injured and had hospital stays. Even with good insurance there are deductibles or co-pays that they will be responsible for, plus they have to re-build. Again, your donations will help, but much more will be needed to assist them.

Please consider financial contributions to help the Cline family, CLICK HERE.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 May 2015 17:10
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