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Dollar-In Dollar-Out Policy

Lutheran Church Charities operates with a policy where 100% of the money donated to a specific need goes toward that need. The transaction costs will be paid by LCC administrative funds, not from a percentage off of the donation.
Ministries In Need
Remaking The World (RTW) Veterans Center Given New Life Thanks to Your Gifts Print E-mail
Remaking the World On Thursday, January 14th, LCC granted RTW co-founder Ms. Arnetha Gholston-Habeel with checks from your gifts to keep the RTW Veterans Center open and operating. RTW is an outreach center located on the near south side of Chicago dedicated to aid and feed homeless veterans and others with hot meals daily. They continue to serve 4500 meals a month without any government support due to their open door policy to all in need. LCC thanks you for your continued support of RTW and hopes to continue or friendship with them through your gifts and backing.

Please help veterans and their families stay fed and warm through your gift to RTW CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 13:26
Help LCC Keep This Veteran Center Serving THREE Hot Meals a Day! Print E-mail
RTW Each day between 100 and 150 people depend on free meals from the RTW (Remaking The World) Veterans Center on Chicago’s south side. However, those free meals and other services may not continue if the center cannot make the repairs the city is demanding (the city has noted 32 code violations).

Remaking the World Veterans Center (RTW), across from Washington Park, was founded to help homeless veterans and their families. They prepare food for more than 4,500 people every month, they offer job training, a warming center, a clothes depository and right before Christmas had a toy give-away for neighborhood kids. RTW does all this without receiving any federal, state or city aid for these services.

RTW LCC staff, Comfort and Kare 9 dogs visited with the men andwomen who serve these veterans and were able to present a check to cover the cost of window repairs. We will continue to work with RTW to bring the building up to code. Those repairs include: furnaces for the basement and the first floor, new stoves and ovens for the kitchen, plus repairs to keep sewage from seeping into the basement.

Through the generosity of donors, Lutheran Church Charities has already been able to help but much more needs to be done. $20,000 is needed for the repair of a broken sewage pipe and to get the gas turned back on.

Please help veterans and their families stay fed and warmthrough your gift to RTW. CLICK HERE

or call 866-455-6466.

To view a short video on RTW, click here

We thank you for any and every contribution you may be able to give to help those who have served our country. Help LCC help this center to stay open and to continue to serve a drastically UNDERSERVED population of veterans - all with the Mercy and Compassion of Jesus Christ!

Help us serve those who have faithfully SERVED OUR COUNTRY."

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 December 2015 16:35
Help Keep Chicago South Side Veteran Center Open that Serves Underserved and Homeless Veterans and others! The City of Chicago is trying to close it! Print E-mail
Veteran Center The City of Chicago has tried to close a Military Veteran run center serving the underserved and homeless veterans on the south side of Chicago. The have 33 plus code violations – but bottom line they would like it closed down to make room for the Obama Library. LCC along with the RTW (Remaking the World) volunteers went to court and got an extension to make the repairs. This veteran volunteer run home serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to homeless veterans – 4500 plus meals a month.

On Saturday, December 19th, LCC Kare 9 Martin, Zina and LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Luther visited the Remaking the World (RTW) Veteran Center for their annual toy drive. LCC staff were also present to assess the needs of this center as it fights to keep its doors open.

Veteran Center

The RTW Veteran Center was opened in 2010 in the Washington Park area on the south side of Chicago. It has been serving hot meals to all the homeless and those in need as well as assist homeless veterans in finding places to live and employment. RTW serves 4500 plates per month. The center also has a clothing room in which those in need receive clothes as well as offers a warming program to keep the homeless and poor warm during the cold winter months. Many of these veterans and other families are in desperate need of space heaters. When we visited the center, the average temperature inside the center was 54 degrees.

To donate a space heater ($30-50) to help the homeless being served by the RTW, please CLICK HERE

OR if you have space heaters you would like to donate you can bring them to LCC Headquarters at 3020 Milwaukee Ave in Northbrook, Illinois and place them in the specially marked semi trailer. LCC will deliver all working space heaters to those served by RTW.

Veteran Center

Recently, an inspection of the 80 plus year-old building found violations, which if not attended to, will cause the RTW to close. They have an open door policy for ALL veterans that renders them ineligible for government funding. The most urgent needs at this time are to rehabilitate the sewer connection (there is a smell of raw sewage in the house, a professional bid to repair is $20,000), repair six exterior windows, and renovate the roof. RTW will be forced to close their doors in May without your support.

To gift to RTW to support building renovations to help them continue to serve veterans, their families, and the community, CLICK HERE

In addition, the two person kitchen has two stoves, one does not work and the other has burners not working. To purchase new stoves (electric) contact LCC at 866-455-6466 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or to donate to replace them CLICK HERE

We thank you for any and every contribution you may be able to give to help those who have served our country. Help LCC help this center to stay open and to continue to serve a drastically UNDERSERVED population of veterans – all with the Mercy and Compassion of Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ came not to be served but to serve in need.

To Jesus – it was not about STATUS but SERVICE!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 December 2015 07:25
Christmas Care Kits Distributed to Residents of Deer Path, Huntley, IL Print E-mail
Deer Path Christmas Kits Voice of Care and LCC volunteers distributed Christmas Care Kits to the residents of Deer Path in Huntley, IL thanks to your generous donations. Deer Path is an affordable assisted-living community for adults 22 to 64 with physical disabilities.

To read the original appeal, CLICK HERE

99 Christmas Care Kits were handed out, with more to be distributed on Wednesday, December 23rd.

LCC would like to thank everyone who donated items to help share the Mercy, Compassion, Presence, and Proclamation of Jesus Christ with the residents of Deer Path.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 December 2015 19:08
Bibles Needed for Seekers and Converts - Update Print E-mail

On Friday, November, 27th, LCC received the following email from Pastor Hesham Shehab (Salam Christian Fellowship - Lombard, IL) as an update to THIS APPEAL

“Thomas, a convert from Islam who fled Yemen for his faith and joined Salam two weeks ago told me a touching story:
It took me six years to find a hard copy of the New Testament in Yemen. Before that, I used to read bits and piece online, but I had not held a Bible in my hand until then. It was a time of euphoria for me. I kept reading it again and again for days...barely catching some sleep," Thomas said.

We take our freedoms for granted and should be more aggressive in sharing the Gospel to the lost.

Since we founded Salam Christian Fellowship in 2007, we have distributed thousands of Bibles to Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian refugees, in addition to college students.

This Christmas season, we have run out of Bibles and we need your urgent contribution to spread the Word of God so that we could offer Muslims the Spirit of Life this season.”

To contribute to this fund to help Salam Christian Fellowship to spread the Word of God, CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 December 2015 12:42
Exodus World Service Continues to Welcome Refugees Print E-mail
Exodus Last week, LCC received the following email from Exodus World Service:
Refugees are courageous survivors. Their stories are filled with hope, resilience and persistence in the midst of fear and unimaginable suffering.

Exodus, along with our resettlement partners, believes in the secure vetting process of refugees arriving in the U.S.

We choose to show hospitality to refugees as we always have.

We are encouraged by your support in welcoming the strangers among us as Exodus volunteers continue to greet and befriend refugees from Afghanistan, Burma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Syria.

Please contact us on ways that you or your church can get involved.

Exodus World Service works with churches and the Christian community to help refugees. God expects His people to welcome the stranger, to provide hospitality to those in need and to give freely of their resources. Exodus provides opportunities for volunteers to respond to this command.

Exodus trains and supports each individual throughout their volunteer experience. Speakers, promotional materials and innovative activities are available. Families, small groups, confirmation groups, youth groups and entire congregations can respond and participate in each opportunity.

If you would like to know more about Exodus World Service and how you can help newly arrived refugees, visit or contact them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you would like to support the work of Exodus World Service, CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 13:26
Bibles Needed for Seekers and Converts Print E-mail
Bibles On November 18th, LCC received the following email from Pastor Hesham Shehab, Salam Christian Fellowship (Lombard, IL):
Dear Friends,
Since we founded Salam Christian Fellowship in 2007, we have distributed thousands of Bibles to Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian refugees, in addition to college students. This Christmas season, we have run out of Bibles and we need your urgent contribution to spread the Word of God so that we could offer Muslims the Spirit of Life this season. Thanks
Bilingual Bibles (Arabic to English and Farsi to English) are needed. 200 Bibles priced at $10 a piece are needed to spread the Word of God.

To gift to this cause, please CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 December 2015 12:37
Request for Thanksgiving Assistance from Bethesda Lutheran (Chicago, IL) Print E-mail
”Thanksgiving LCC received the following email from Marie Malary, coordinator at Bethesda Lutheran (Chicago, IL):
For this Thanksgiving, our church would like to help the less fortunate and distribute food to our community. We have a total of 50 members in our church including 20 kids and 30 adults. Many of our adult members are unemployed and have no money to make a Thanksgiving dinner for their families. As the Bethesda Lutheran Church continues to advance in our mission to help people in need, we would like to give our members and the community items to help make their Thanksgiving great. We would greatly appreciate donations of food such as turkeys, potatoes, rice, salad, beans, dry stuffing, macaroni, cooking oil, cheese, cream cheese, evaporated milk, sugar, chicken, vegetables, cornbread mix, ham, sweet potatoes, and anything else you may have that can help the less fortunate this Thanksgiving. We thank you for any donations you may send and we will continue to pray for everyone and their families who donate to help our mission. We will pray that God's grace will bring you many blessings and prosperity.

God Bless
Marie Malary
Please contact Dianna at Lutheran Church Charities (866-455-6466) for further details or information.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 November 2015 11:42
Military Outreach USA Opportunity to Make a Difference! Print E-mail
Training Military Outreach USA has the extraordinary opportunity to purchase COMPLETE BEDDING SETS (Full Sized Mattress, Box Spring, Frame, Linens and 2 Pillows) for ONLY $150!

To serve the 100 Veterans who are exiting homelessness on Nov. 17 in Chicago, $15,000 needs to be raised ASAP!

Please consider making a gift today in honor of Veterans Awareness Week and Veterans Day!

To donate to the Military Outreach USA – Veterans Exiting Homelessness Fund to help veterans in their time of need, please CLICK HERE

Lutheran Church Charities provides a Dollar In, Dollar Out opportunity for this and every need, which means every dollar you donate will go directly to Military Outreach.

Last Updated on Friday, 13 November 2015 10:58
Christ the King Lutheran Church (Chicago, IL) Grateful for Donations - Items Still Needed Print E-mail
”Christ Pastor John Brazeal of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Chicago called Lutheran Church Charities this past week requesting assistance. The church’s outreach ministry includes rehabbing a house next to the church and turning it into housing for at-risk seniors. Earlier this week, the refrigerator died. One of the residents who lives in the house is diabetic whose food and medication needs to be refrigerated. Pastor Brazeal asked if LCC could help them get a used refrigerator. Pastor Brazeal made arrangements to find a volunteer and to rent a truck to pick up the items on Saturday. For the senior housing at Christ the King, Pastor and Don were able to pick up a refrigerator and also a bag of hand knitted mittens, winter hats and scarves for adults and children.

Christ the King is also caring for the Herd family who recently just moved into the Chicago area because Dereck Herd has stage 4 cancer and has to come to Chicago for treatment. His 30-year-old daughter Zaneta Herd moved here with her father to take care of him. They are living in a 2-bedroom apartment but have no furnishings and are sleeping on the floors. Christ the King was able to get some clothes for them. Saturday, the church was able to deliver a table, chairs, two area rugs, a TV, two end tables, a floor lamp, two artificial floor plants, bedroom set, bowls and plates, and several appliances.

They are still in need of another bedroom set of dressers, two twin mattresses, and box springs or a full/double box spring and mattresses, or a combination of a twin and full beds and bed linens.

If you may be able to assist this family please call Dianna at LCC at 866-455-6466 or CLICK HERE to fill out a donation form.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 November 2015 13:23
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