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Tim Hetzner at Four Homes of Mercy Four Homes of Mercy, a ministry serving the physically and emotionally handicapped in Bethany Israel, has not been able to pay their staff and bills since the beginning of March. Even without getting paid, their staff still faithfully shows up to serve those in the homes that are the "least of these", as Jesus would refer to them. Four Homes suffers from the terrible economic conditions that face many today in Bethany. Bethany has always been a poor community from before the time of Jesus. However, whenever Jesus came to Jerusalem, this is where He stayed! This is where Jesus Served. This is where Mary, Martha, Lazarus - and we can't forget Simon the Leper -lived!

Because of your donations, you were able to provide a Joyous Easter for the staff and residents of Four Homes. Thank you for Making A Difference.

If you would like to make a special Easter Gift to help them in the weeks ahead, click here to donate to Four Homes of Mercy
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Parish Nurse from Bethlehem to Visit St. Paul, Rochelle Print E-mail
Raida Mansour Raida Mansour (pictured), parish nurse at Christmas Lutheran Church and Dar-al-Kalima in Bethlehem (Palestine) will be the guest of the NID Parish Nurse Network May 28 - June 6. The majority of time she will be participating in parish nurse meetings and the Concordia Conference for Parish Nurses at Concordia University Wisconsin. On Sunday, June 5th, St. Paul Lutheran Church (Rochelle) will give thanks to God for the five years of blessings for the parish nurse ministry in Bethlehem. The coffee hour (immediately after the 9am worship service), and a presentation during the Bible class time that follows, will provide an opportunity to visit with Raida and learn more about parish nursing in Bethlehem.

Marcia Schnorr (CLM-Parish Nurse at St. Paul and Coordinator, Parish Nursing, LCMS) was part of the initial task force (2005) through Bright Stars of Bethlehem and agreed to provide the leadership in providing parish nurse education if a nurse was identified. God provided the nurse (Raida Mansour) and a distance learning course was developed with an internship spent at St. Paul (Rochelle) and within the NID. Parish nursing in Bethlehem began with Raida serving fourteen older adults at Christmas Lutheran Church then quickly expanded to well over 100 Palestinian Christians in the Bethlehem area. Soon they added regular visits to elderly (including Muslims) in the nearby villages. They have now served over 250 elderly as they have added outreach to Nablus and Taybeh.

The NID Parish Nurse Network provides the support for Raida to return to the USA bi-annually.

Click here if you would like to donate to this ministry outreach.
Four Homes of Mercy in Bethany, Israel in Desperate Need Print E-mail
On Tuesday, February 22nd, I was in contact with Four Homes of Mercy in Bethany, Israel. Because of the current situation in the Middle East, and in Israel and Palestine in particular, they are in desperate need of support to be able to continue their ministry of serving those children and adults with physical and emotional disabilities. Their staff has not been paid in months and yet they continue to serve those that are "the least of these".

Bethany is where Jesus always stayed when he was in the area of Jerusalem, and his reason was it was the poorest of the poor that lived there (Simon the Leper). Can you consider helping this Christian Mission that I have been connected with for well over 20 years.

To donate click here and God Bless you!

Tim Hetzner
President, Lutheran Church Charities
Click here to donate to Four Homes of Mercy
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Your Donations Make a Difference to Four Homes of Mercy - Bethany, Israel Print E-mail
LCC staff member Marie Payes has returned safely home from her week long mission trip to Bethlehem with the Lutheran Parish Nurses. While in Bethlehem Marie met with Nadia Kara from Four Homes of Mercy and delivered a check of your donations for their continuing work. Four Homes of Mercy is a Christian run home for the emotionally and physically disabled children (many of whom are orphans) and adults in the poor area of Bethany Israel - the very location where Jesus always stayed when he came to Jerusalem (home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, and Simon the Leper). They rely on donations to keep their doors open and one of the only ways to bring financial support to them is by hand. Click Here to Donate to Four Homes of Mercy
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