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International Missions
Prayers for the Philippeans as They Prepare for Another Typhoon Print E-mail
Boy after typhoon Just a little over one year after Typhoon Haiyan devastated many regions of the Philippians, the people are again bracing for another storm.

Typhoon Hagupit is expected to make landfall on Saturday. The storm currently has winds of up to 149 MPH and could cause storm surges of up to 13 feet.

Many people are still dealing with the devastation caused by Haiyan and we ask that you keep those who stand in the path of the storm in your thoughts and prayers. May God be with all those who may be affected by this storm.

Donate to Help in the Philippines
Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 December 2014 13:22
Haiti in Desperate Need of Basic Supplies Print E-mail
On Tuesday, August 26, LCC received the following request:
Greetings in the name of our Savior.

The building projects were finished with LCMS in Haiti over a year ago when the funds ran out from LCMS - but we still have needs with our people.

Haiti Girl with Food

Many people are still asking for a house as they continue to live in tents, some have needs for repair to their roof and so on. LCMS built over 100 houses. The numbers of people living in the tent cities has gone down, but there are still many living in tents.

Haitian Kids with Food

The environment change in some areas is bad. Like, in Jacmel the biggest problem, that those people have now, no latrine for more than 200 families. As many nonprofit organizations leaving the country, so many of them, parent and kids ask for food, clothes, shoes because they have no job or work. The church sometimes distributes shoes to them, we give what we have, we preach, evangelizing , teaching.

The water filter is very good, if we can have 500 that will be very useful ($45 ea). We need bigger one for the school and orphanage. ($750 ea.)

Tim with Kid
    Our need now:
  • 200 toilets (latrine) cost $400 each
  • Feeding some kids at the tent city with $2.50 ea. Child - we have more than 100 to feed 2 times per week.
  • 500 water filter
  • Have a community store we people at the tent city can buy food for less price.
  • Have some school supplies for the school opening.
  • Goat project $40 to 50 per goat
Please follow the links below to donate what you can: Donate to help feed the children
Donate to help purchase a goat
Donate to help purchase water filters for schools
Donate to help purchase water filters for families
Donate to help build toilets
Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 08:21
Help LCP President James Cerdenola Continue Spreading the Compassion of Jesus Christ by Helping Purchase a Laptop and Digital Camera Print E-mail
President James

A request has come in for President James Cerdenola to have a laptop computer and digital camera as he travels most of the time in the Philippines and needs portable devices.

LCC would like to raise funds to purchase him a good digital camera and laptop for his use in spreading the Word of God in the Philippines. Any assistance would be a blessing to President Cerdenola.

Click Here to Donate
LCC President Tim Hetzner meets with President James Cerdenola, President of the Lutheran Church in the Philippines Print E-mail
Lutheran Church of the Philippines Lutheran Church Charities has already given $20,000 to President James Cerdenola to help families still suffering from Super Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013. This past Friday, June 6th, LCC continues to provide support to our partners in the Philippines and here presents him with another $10,000 check to help families.

Although things are improving, much more work still needs to be done in helping families, many who just recently got electricity. In addition, to help families, LCC is raising funds to help the Pastors in the Philippines who are also suffering because of the conditions there. Many of the pastors live on the equivalent of $50 US dollars a month - with NO MEDICAL coverage. (click here to see video)

Please consider helping these servants and their families continue to serve those who are in need.

President James Cerdenola with LCC President Tim Hetzner Click here for the full interview with President Cerdenola Click here to help Pastors in the Philippines
Click here to help the Lutheran Church of the Philippines
Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 20:28
After Coming to America, Muslims Find a New Life in Christ Print E-mail
When coming to America, Muslims fleeing war torn countries not only find a new way of life but find a new life in Jesus Christ. Your prayers and support of Salam Christian Fellowship and the ministry of Hicham Chehab helps to bring the Word of God in their own language to Muslims from many countries. This past Sunday, Salam Christian Congregation at Salam Christian Fellowship partnered with Cyrus Ministries International in Sugar Grove, Illinois. It was an inspiring event that hosted people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Ahwaz, and Egypt. The service was trilingual as English, Arabic and Farsi were all spoken. The meeting started with a prayer for the bereaved family of brother Saed Khamisi who passed away last week. Richard Fick gave the message titled "Behold the Lamb of God." The service was concluded with the Lord's Prayer in all three languages.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 10:03
The Haitian Lutheran Mission Project Needs Your Support to Keep Lutheran Schools Open in Haiti Print E-mail
education in Haiti Sue Gross from the Haitian Lutheran Mission Project shares this urgent request for your help to raise funds to pay the teachers' salaries at the Lutheran Schools in Jeremie.

Our Teachers' Support is almost down to zero. We will not be able to pay our teacher's salaries after next month. We are working on some alternative methods to keep the schools open but the reality of this situation is that some of our schools may close. Unfortunately once the schools close Trinity Hope will also stop their Feeding Program of 1 bowl of rice and beans per child per day. The teacher's salary is $50.00 a month. If they do not receive this payment they are forced to seek employment elsewhere so they can feed their families. There are a total of 20 teachers that serve the schools in Jeremie and the surrounding villages for 12 months a year. $600 will provides a salary for one school teacher for a year. Your support will help keep the schools open and will provide one bowl of rice and beans per child per day to the children of our Lutheran Schools in Jeremie and surrounding villages.

We desperately need sponsors to keep these schools open for at least one more year until we can find other sources of income for their salaries.

Click here to read Sue's complete update Click here to donate to support the teachers in the Lutheran Schools
Click here to support the work of the mission teams working through the Haitian Lutheran Mission Project
Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 09:23
Lutheran Church of Haiti Leader, Pastor Marky Kessa, Seeks Support for Proper Burial of a Loved One Print E-mail
Kessa Family Funeral FundLCC has received the following email from Jackie Rychel, member of St. Mark in Chesterland, Ohio. Jackie has been very involved with the work being done through the Lutheran Church in Haiti. She and her husband Mark are currently in Haiti with Pastor Markey Kessa and his family:
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
Peace be to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

I write to you on behalf of Pastor Marky Kessa. Mark and I are in Jacmel as I write this and share in their grief.

For all of you who know the Kessa family you may have met Dimitry and Rodolph, his younger brother. Rodolph lived with Pastor Marky and his family and was a constant companion of Howard. Rodolph was diagnosed with Leukemia at the tender age of 17. This coming just after his mother, Marie Loude was diagnosed with breast cancer. Marie Loude has had surgery and is recovering, however Rodolph was taken to Cuba for treatment of Leukemia. Early this morning (December 9) the Lord brought Rodolph home. The family is saddened by this, heartbroken even. Please keep them in your prayers.

Now the task of recovering the body from the Communist Country of Cuba is the challenge. The family has spent a great deal of money just to get treatment and is asking for your support to bring Rodolph, Marie Laude and her daughter back to Haiti. It will cost the family $7000.00 US dollars to send the body back to Haiti and the usual cost for two airline tickets.

We trust in the Lord that this burden will be taken from our shoulders and the family will find a way to bring Rodolph back to Haiti for a proper Christian burial.

Yours Truly in Christ,

Jackie Rychel
On behalf of the Kessa Family

Click here to donate to the Kessa Family Rodolph Funeral Fund
Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 10:52
Support Needed for Medical Mission Trip to Liberia Print E-mail
Lutheran Church Charities Medical Mission Trip to Liberia LCC received the following request for support from Pastor Kenety Gee of Chatham Fields Lutheran Church in Chicago:

Chatham Fields, an urban Lutheran congregation on the south side of Chicago, is partnering with Lutherans in Medical Mission in consultation with LCMS Mercy Medical Team and Lutheran Malaria Initiative, to take a medical mission trip to Liberia, West Africa in December 2013. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia (ELCL), became an official partner church of the LCMS at the recent convention in St. Louis. This young partner church has the task of witnessing in a country that is recovering from fifteen years of civil war with over 80 percent of the population unemployed. Among some of the poorest countries in the world, needless to mention, people are unable to afford basic medical care.

Along with our pastor, we are sending a medical team lead by a urologist from Northwestern Memorial Medical Hospital in Chicago. The team will do general health assessment and perform simple urological procedures such as removal of large kidney and bladder stones and repair inguinal hernias and perform circumcisions. Hernias are common among men and kidney and bladders stones common among the broader population but especially among women.

The trip is all set. We have our airline tickets and license to practice medicine temporarily from the Liberian Ministry of Health. The Chief Medical Officer, together with his medical board, from one of the largest hospitals in the country has agreed to allow us to use the hospital for surgical procedures.

The problem now is that we need medical supplies to take with us. We have identified a place where we can purchase supplies at an extremely reasonable price; Project C.U.R.E sells medical supplies for developing countries. We are writing to ask you to please help us meet our goal of taking ten medical kits with us. Each kit is $200 plus airline shipping fees of $150 to Liberia.

Any question, you can email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Serving together,
Rev. Kenety S. Gee

Click here to donate to the Chatham Fields Liberia Medical Mission Fund
Last Updated on Thursday, 07 November 2013 12:27
Help Support Lutheran Parish Nurse International (LPNI) Print E-mail
lpni Marcy Schnorr, LCMS Director of Lutheran Parish Nurses, is requesting financial support for Lutheran Parish Nurse International. LPNI is a network of Lutheran parish nurses in the global community. Their mission statement is "With Jesus Christ as our Cornerstone, The Lutheran Parish Nurses International equips parish nurses to extend the healing ministries of Christ." As Chairperson for LPNI, Marcy is asking for help in sending two of our nurses, Raeda Mansour of Bethlehem, Palestine and Suganthi Kumar of Ambur, India to the LPNI Annual Study Tour occurring in Germany in August of 2014. $5000 needs to be raised for their attendance as their countries cannot afford to send them.

Raeda is the ONLY Parish Nurse in Palestine and the only Lutheran Parish nurse in the Middle East. She lives behind a 25 foot wall that surrounds Bethlehem serving Palestinians in all ages, from infancy to the elderly. This study tour will be valuable for Raeda as she will have the opportunity to meet with other Parish Nurses who serve their communities and to share and learn with her sisters in Christ. We expect $5000 to cover the cost for both. Can you help?

Click here for more information and to contact LPNI

Click here to donate to the LPNI fund

Next week in Making a Difference Newsletter meet Suganthi, Parish Nurse from India!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 October 2013 11:10
M-END Needs Your Help Print E-mail
mend LCC received the following request from Dr. Susan Busse of M-END, and Organization Helping End Malaria Around the World:

M-END is going to Malawi East Africa September 1-16, 2013. We have been invited by James Nyondo, author of the book ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY to go into towns, villages, and the countryside with our malaria treatment. Our goal is to provide the healing and compassion that Christ has instructed all of us to do, whether it is our own back yard or going to the nations of the world. Please consider us in your prayers and donations in our ongoing mission to spread the Word of Jesus Christ.

NEEDED ASAP: We have also been made aware of the need for 3 used laptops to bring with us to Malawi for malaria research. If anyone can donate these, we would deeply appreciate it. May God richly bless you!

If you would like to donate a laptop to LCC for M-END to take with them to Malawi, please contact Dianna Bonfield at 866-455-6466 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Click here to donate to the M-END Fund

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 August 2013 10:29
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