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Dollar-In Dollar-Out Policy

Lutheran Church Charities operates with a policy where 100% of the money donated to a specific need goes toward that need. The transaction costs will be paid by LCC administrative funds, not from a percentage off of the donation.
Needs Met
Your Gifts MAKE A DIFFERENCE Print E-mail

Gifts Make a Difference LCC wishes to thank Ruth Anne Brendemuhl, who donated office furniture and LCC volunteers who donated their time and muscle to pick up the donation. We also extend many thanks to Boerman Moving and Storage for moving the heavy fireproof filing cabinets during this move. This furniture will be a blessing and make a difference to several ministries in need.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 February 2016 12:52
Pontiac Church Donates to Armory Print E-mail
Armory In the Scriptures, Ecclesiastes 3:2 tells us there is "a time to be born and a time to die." On January 23rd, LCC staff members Jim Morrison and Dianna Bonfield, with LCC volunteers Glenn Dailey and Marc Morrison, saw God at work. It seemed to be the death of 85-year-old Trinity Lutheran Church in Pontiac, IL. However, when God closed one door, a window opened for the National Guard Armory in Chicago as Trinity donated its altar furnishings. As Trinity members Betty & Jim Barnett, Ruth Anne & Jim Fulton, and former member Dennis Guth helped load the box truck bound for the General Jones Armory in Chicago they could see how God was bringing "new birth", meaning and purpose to these furnishing that were once used to bring God's word and presence to members of Trinity. 22

The LCC envoy was met by Chaplain Wilhelm (Capt.) and Chaplain Assistant, Sergeant Britton, and a number of National Guard soldiers. Sergeant Britton gave a tour of the armory and shared the illustrious history and story behind its unique architecture and military emblems. After Chaplain Wilhelm's introduction of the command staff, the volunteers were presented with a challenge coin of the 2.122 Field Artillery.

Chaplain Wilhelm and Sergeant Britton were able to use the altar furnishings when they conducted Sunday Chapel service for the Guardsmen on duty.

A special thank you to all the members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Pontiac, IL for their care and support of our military men and women and their families.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 January 2016 10:32
LCC Equipment Moved Thanks to Volunteers Print E-mail
Moving Over ten members from throughout the NID area assisted LCC in moving equipment from St Paul Lutheran, Aurora to the LCC headquarters in Northbrook, IL on Saturday, January 16th. LCC is thankful for all who assisted in moving the tools and equipment in order to be better prepared to aid those in need in time of disaster. There are still a number of tools and equipment for teams to utilize and add to their own LERT trailers. Another LERT stock-up day will be scheduled this coming spring to all teams who were not able to attend this past move. For more information on what is available, contact Joel Moritz by phone at (866) 455-6466 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 13:35
Your Gifts Aid Christ the King Lutheran Church (Chicago, IL) Print E-mail
Christ the King Lutheran Church Thank you to LCC volunteers Arlene and Dick Hocking who collected linens, winter coats, and other house hold supplies and delivered them to Christ the King Lutheran Church (Chicago, IL).
Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 January 2016 13:27
Veterans Sleeping Well Thanks to Your Generous Gifts! Print E-mail
Military Outreach USA Thanks to your generous gifts, 100 beds are being delivered to veterans in need in Chicago through Military Outreach USA. LCC would like to thank everyone who gave to help those who have served our country so selflessly.

To see the original appeal, CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 January 2016 13:23
Your Gifts Help Churches Support Those In Need Print E-mail
Peace Lutheran On Tuesday, January 5th, LCC Staff member Norm Gotsch presented a check to Peace Lutheran Church in Lombard, IL for outreach to Middle Eastern families. He also presented a check to St. Matthew in Chicago, IL to benefit the soup kitchen which serves 150 to 200 people per day. They are also supported by other churches in the area, and volunteers that come in to help.

Please pray for both churches as they minister to those in need.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 January 2016 16:00
Your Gifts Make a Difference in Providing Heater to a Brother in Christ Print E-mail
Heater Provided to Brother in Christ On January 2nd, LCC received the following email of thanks from Pastor Hesham Shehab of Salam Christian Fellowship (Lombard, Illinois):
Fouad, a Syrian immigrant and head of a family of six, poses next to the heater provided by your generous donations...thanks for being Christ in this cold winter.

To read the original appeal, CLICK HERE

Thank you for your generous gifts to help keep this family warm during the cold winter months.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 January 2016 13:53
Donation Delivered to Syrian Refugee and Family Print E-mail
Syrian Family The Tuesday before Christmas, your gifts made a difference to a Syrian refugee family. LCC was able to deliver a new infant crib to Zaid Alfallah for his 10 month-old daughter, Shaam. A special thank you to Aiesha Hussan of Salam Christian Fellowship who assisted LCC staff by translating and helping Zaid assemble the crib.

Zaid, his wife Enaam, and seven-year-old daughter Huda are refugees from Syria. Zaid was a successful and wealthy young man who lost everything because as a Syrian Muslim he hid and protected Christians from ISIS. They kidnapped his wife and daughter and imprisoned him. When he was finally released, he used everything he owned to find his family and get to the United States.

However, Zaid had trouble finding a job. The apartment they were sharing was overcrowded. In Chicago, they met Pastor Hesham Shehab and people from Salam Christian Fellowship and Wheaton Bible Church who took them under their wing and cared for them.

Life is much better now that the family is living in a two-bedroom apartment, which is nicely furnished. Zaid has been able to find part-time work and has a lead on full time employment in the near future. They have also been blessed with the birth of a second daughter.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of this family.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 December 2015 14:00
Brothers Given Hope on Christmas Eve Print E-mail
O’Brien Brothers Your gifts made a difference on Christmas Eve for the James and Thomas O’Brien, brothers who were on the verge of becoming homeless. A couple of years ago, their eldest brother moved to his own apartment, then their mother passed away which left James and Thomas sharing the apartment. Both brothers are unable to work due to injuries from a car accident and back problems. Their disability money has yet to come in.

Martin Comfort Dog (LCC) and LCC staff member Dianna Bonfield delivered a check on Christmas Eve for financial assistance to cover their rent and utilities. Thank you for making it possible for Martin to visit the O’Briens and for financially assisting the brothers. Through your support of Lutheran Church Charities, you are touching people’s lives with the Mercy, Compassion, Presence and Proclamation of Jesus Christ to people who are suffering and in need.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 December 2015 14:51
People Fed Thanks to Your Gifts! Print E-mail
St. Matthew Soup Kitchen St. Matthew Chicago's soup kitchen feeds about 150 people two days a week. Last Thursday, Phil Bandy from LCC delivered two checks to Pastor Loza at St. Matthew to help fund the soup kitchen during this critical period for hungry families. LCC was also able to pass on another check to help the Valdivia family as they continue to mourn the death of Korissa, wife and mother of the family.

Thank you to everyone who gifted to these funds!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 December 2015 19:04
Volunteers Making a Difference! Print E-mail
Moving Help Thank you to LCC volunteer Helmut Mueller, Danielle Wylie, and Adam Poczekay who helped Diane and Carl Krueger move to their new home in Sugar Grove.

Thank you also to LCC volunteers Jon Bartlet from Immanuel – Dundee, Ken Kiverante of St. Peter – Schaumburg and Rich Zoelleck of Trinity Roselle for their time in completing the dry wall work at the Annex of LCC. Your gifts have enabled the LCC staff to continue their work on your behalf and the behalf of all the other donors and volunteers who are the life blood of LCC.

Thank you all for making a difference.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 14:04
Mission Congregation Iglesia Luterana Cross Receives Van to Assist in Ministry Print E-mail
Van Donation This past week, Missionary Pastor Walter Ramirez of Iglesia Luterana Cross (ILC) in Plano, IL along with a volunteer from the mission visited Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) to pick up a Chevy van to use in their ministry. ILC is a mission congregation that started as a Bible Class and House Church meeting in the Pastor’s home. They quickly grew in size and had to look for another location. As the congregation increased in size, it became evident that they needed a vehicle to provide transportation for many of the members since many of them do not have vehicles of their own and public transportation is not really available in the area. Recently, LCC received a donation of a conversion van with a handicap ramp for a wheelchair to give to a ministry. Because the van has a wheelchair ramp, it will make it possible for the congregation to reach out to a member who was recently diagnosed with cancer and is confined to a wheelchair. This will now allow her and other wheelchair bound people to be part of the worshiping Christian fellowship and to hear the word of the Lord during this traumatic time in their lives.

Cars are always needed to pass along to families in need. If you have a running vehicle to donate, contact LCC at (866) 455-6466.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 10:18
Christmas Care Kits Assembled for Residents of Deer Path - Huntley Print E-mail
Christmas Kit Assembly This past Saturday, LCC & Voice of Care volunteers Shar and Dave Farrar with Adeena Comfort Dog (St. John Lutheran Church, Burlington, Illinois), Heidi and Lenny Lindquist, Kathy and Roger Weinberg, Pastor Paul Klopke, and Alyssa Mau assisted 15 Deer Path residents in assembling Christmas care kits for the residents of Deer Path. Deer Path of Huntley is an affordable assisted living community for adults 22 to 64 with physical disabilities.

To see the original appeal, CLICK HERE

Saturday, December 19th, LCC & Voice of Care volunteers will be at Deer Path at 9:30 AM to go Christmas Caroling and distribute the kits.

Thank you to all the donors who donated items that were put in each of the gift bags or who made cash donations to purchase items for the Christmas gift bags. Your gifts will make the difference in the lives of 129 residents of Deer Path this Christmas.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 14:05
Car Donation Passed - Through Print E-mail
Mazda Donation Members (Randy and Lisa) of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Mt Prospect donated a 2000 Mazda to Lutheran Church Charities.

Lutheran Church Charities was able to pass through the donation to a person in need through Rev. Hesham Shehab, Pastor of Salam Christian Fellowship, Lombard IL

If you have a running vehicle to donate to families in need, contact LCC at (866) 455-6466.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 December 2015 12:58
NEED MET- Christian Evangelists in Haiti Being Trained Thanks to Your Gifts Print E-mail
Share the Gospel Thanks to your generous gifts, Lutheran Pastor Jeanel Jerome is able to train Christian evangelists through the purchase of several copies of the book “See Through the Scriptures”. Using this book, Pastor Jerome will be able to make the Bible more accessible by taking readers step-by-step through the entire biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation. To see the original appeal CLICK HERE
Last Updated on Monday, 30 November 2015 11:08
Van Repaired for Jordanian Immigrant and Family Print E-mail
Van Repaired In August, LCC received an email from Pastor Hesham Shehab (Salam Christian Fellowship, Lombard, IL) asking for support for a new Jordanian immigrant whose car was in need of repairs.

To read the original appeal, CLICK HERE

LCC was able to provide funds to help repair the car because of your generous gifts. Thank you for your gifts.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 November 2015 15:57
Car Gifted to Family Who Fled Yemen Print E-mail
Car Donation Thomas, a Muslim convert to Christianity, stopped by LCC with another member of Salam Christian Fellowship to pick a vehicle for his family. Thomas and his wife fled Yemen because of the persecution of Christians. Thank you for Making A Difference in these Christian lives and welcoming them to America.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 13:27
Jeep Cherokee Gifted Print E-mail
”Jeep Thank you to Kent and Jean Heise for the gift of a Jeep Cherokee to assist a family in need.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 November 2015 14:46
Your Donations Making a Difference in the Lives of Widower and Family Who Lost Wife, Mother in Fire Print E-mail
”St. LCC staff member Deaconess Dianna Bonfield, accompanied by Deaconess Intern Marissa Arndt, had the honor of representing all the LCC donors who reached out to assist St. Matthew, Chicago. Because of your help, they were able to share the mercy, compassion, presence and proclamation of Jesus Christ to the family of Tony Valdivia and family after a fire destroyed their home and claimed the life of their beloved wife and mother, Korissa.

After receiving the check on behalf of St. Matthew, Church Pastor Loza asked Dianna to address the congregation about the work of LCC.

Tony thanked St. Matthew and all those from LCC who have helped and encouraged him. He shared with everyone that it had been two weeks since 3 yr. old Kiara was released from the hospital. This Thursday, 6 yr. old Jerry will be released from the hospital as well.

Through this whole ordeal, people tell Tony to find strength in his children. Tony witnesses that, while his focus is on his children, he draws his strength from God and because Jesus died for us, he knows Korissa is in heaven, and that he and the children will see her again. That is his strength and hope to go on.

This small family has a long road ahead. All the medical bills have not even started coming in yet for Tony or the children for the many months they were in the burn unit and for all the surgeries. Both of the children will have to wear compression burn suits for some time as their skin graph, muscles and tendons heal. As their young bodies grow they will need new compression suits which are very expensive. Jerry had severe facial burns which will require him to wear a facial compression burn mask that is over $600 each time that is replaced. The burn shirt and leotard each are several times more expensive.

Please keep Tony and the children in your prayers. The Monday following Jerry’s release from the hospital will be a particularly difficult time as it is Korissa’s birthday and she will not be with them.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 December 2015 09:58
Assistance Given to Family of Four Thanks to Your Generous Donations Print E-mail
Jamie On Saturday, September 5, LCC received the following email from Rev. Dr. Micheal M. Strong (Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Farmersville, IL) regarding Jamie and her family in need of rental assistance:
Many thanks are due to all the folk who helped this family through some difficult times. Enough financial help was received that LCC was able, not only to pay a rent bill, but also pay part of a car insurance bill that was past due. Jamie is still working two part-time jobs and has started doing hair in her home. Needless to say she is a busy lady. We also spoke with her mother who often times has to pick up the boy from school because of Jamie’s work schedule. Along with Jamie she expressed her thanks to the unknown people who have helped her. Jamie’s daughter attended school away from hone during the week and come home every weekend. Unfortunately, Jamie will not be getting any help from her husband as he has gotten in trouble with the law. Please continue to pray for her as she has a tremendous burden on her shoulders.

LCC would like to thank all of the donors who gave so generously to this family.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 December 2015 09:58
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