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Non-Monetary Donation Form Print E-mail
Thank you for making a non-monetary donation to a worthy cause through Lutheran Church Charities. Please use the below form to report the items you are making available to others for FREE. If you enter an e-mail address into the form, you will receive a receipt by e-mail; otherwise, your computer will display a new web screen that you can print out and use as your receipt.
Two important items to remember:
  • Only use this form for Non-Monetary Donations. Cash, check and credit card donations will be mailed acknowledgement letters separately.
  • List those items that you are making available, but do not list any dollar amounts. The receipt you will receive is for your tax purposes, and LCC gratefully acknowledges your donation, but we do not make, verify, or approve any dollar value attached to the donation. You will assign your own value for your tax purposes.
Thank you. Click Here: Non-Monetary Donation Form
Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 November 2012 20:01