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Superstorm Sandy Volunteer Thank you for your interest in helping the victims of Superstorm Sandy as they continue the process of recovery. LCC is serving the Atlantic District of the LCMS as the registrar for all volunteers. We are working with the District Disaster Response Coordinators (DDRC), Reverend Derek Lecakes in the Atlantic District, to provide an orderly flow of volunteers to locations they designate.

All details regarding volunteer lodging and meals (if provided), work assignments and other location specific details are managed by the respective DDRC’s and their teams on the ground. LCC accepts registrations from potential volunteers and passes this information on. Volunteers and/or teams are then contacted by the DDRC with details specific to the days you’ll serve along with any paperwork required for your visit.

Atlantic District – Reverend Derek Lecakes, DDRC

If you are planning to bring a group from your church, circuit or district the person identified as the group leader must complete a group registration form.
Click here to register a group for work in the Atlantic District (group leader only)

If you are a member of a group (including group leaders) planning to volunteer or an individual who is not part of a group you must complete the individual registration form.
Click here to register as an individual for work in the Atlantic District (individuals registering alone and those coming as part of a group must complete this form)
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