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Families in Need

$780 Will Provide Relief from the Hot Haitian Summer for a Family with a New Baby Print E-mail
Kessa Marky LCC received the following request from Jackie Rychel, the Executive Director of Ministry in Mission, from Pastor Marky Kessa, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti. Nathan Prevot has been a familiar face to many mission teams working in Jacmel, Haiti at the First Lutheran Church. Nathan has shared his talent with many and is the organizer of the "God's Plus" musical group. He is now studying to become a Pastor in Haiti.

Dear brothers and sisters,

I choose to write to you on behalf of Nathan family, his wife going to have a baby soon. They live without power and July, August and September are very hot in Haiti.

I am looking for your help so his wife and new baby have a way to provide some power:

  • $400 for two batteries
  • inventor = $ 100
  • solar panel = $210
  • regulator = $ 70
The total is $780 since Nathan is able to do the work himself. With this equipment, the family will have light and fans for the whole day and night.

Please try to do anything you could do for this family
Rev. Marky Kessa

To help provide electricity for Nathan’s family, CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 16:54
Travel Trailer Needed for Couple Whose Home was Severely Damaged by Flooding Print E-mail
Pastor Matthew LCC received the following request from Pastor Matthew Blackford (pictured), Lord of Life Lutheran Church, LaFox, IL
We have a retired couple whose house sustained severe flooding in the recent storms. The house is currently uninhabitable. Because of insurance complications the couple is responsible for paying for and supervising the repair work. They do not want to leave the property while the work is being completed so they are in need of a travel trailer that they can cook and sleep in. They do not need electricity (the house has electricity restored) or bathroom facilities, just a place to sleep and do light cooking. They would need the trailer for approximately two months.
If you have a travel trailer they could use please contact LCC at 866-455-6466 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 June 2015 12:16
Family of Four Needs Rental Help Due to Recent Disability Print E-mail
Rental Assistance LCC received the following request for assistance this week from Rev. Dr. Micheal M Strong, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Farmersville, IL:
Rental AssistanceA family of four – husband (disabled), daughter (14) deaf, autistic and Tourette’s syndrome, a son (first grade) and the wife (employed part time) are in need financial help. They need $750 for rent for the month of June. The landlord seems to be willing to take payments in part over a period of time as they have lived in the same house for some time. It was the husband becoming disabled that has put them in this financial jam. It is a simple request. $750 does not seem like much, but when you do not have it, it is a huge amount. Jamie, the wife, sat in the church telling me her story. While she appeared composed, and almost matter of fact about her problems, it was not long before she began to quietly cry when she spoke of the tension her lack of rent money was creating within the family. While Jamie is a Baptist, she is not attending church because of her work schedule, and seems open to attending Zion Evangelical Lutheran when she can. She will receive a friendly welcome for certain. Any donations will certainly help.

To donate towards rental assistance CLICK HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 June 2015 09:15
Single Mother of Two Struggling to Pay Bills After She Loses Home to a Fire Print E-mail
Immanuel Lutheran Church A request from Pastor Tom Acton of Immanuel Lutheran Church - Palatine, IL:

A member of Risen Savior, Byron (where Pastor Tom is consulting during their vacancy) suffered a fire in her home and has had to move to Rockford. Risen Savior has helped her a bit. She is a single mom and is struggling to keep her children in Christian schools. At this time tuition and uniforms are more than she can afford. (One in middle school and one in high school).

Please pray for this family as they go through this difficult time. To donate to financially support this family in payment of their bills, please CLICK HERE.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 June 2015 09:04
Pastoral Request for Medical Care for Alex Frerichs - West Nile Virus Survivor Print E-mail
Alex Pastor Steve Maske of Good Shepherd in Elgin, IL emailed LCC asking for support for one of its members, Alex Frerichs. Alex was infected with the devastating West Nile Virus in August 2012. Although she has made great progress, high medical costs jeopardize her future treatment. A friend of Alex describes the situation and asks for support:
"When Alex first contracted the virus she was in a coma for months and the year that followed she was in and out of hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Alex was left with limited mobility, she is wheelchair bound, unable to speak and in need of round the clock care. Alex is home now and is being cared for by her mother and father, Annette and Steve. After Alex became sick, Annette lost her job. Annette is Alex's caregiver; they work daily on getting her stronger. Alex is a very determined young lady and works very diligently with her exercises and therapies, unfortunately insurance will no longer cover her treatment of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Through the generosity of Angels for Alex, a fundraiser she had in 2013, they were able to at seek treatment at the Carrick Brain Center ( in Atlanta, Ga. She has also been able to work with a team of Integrative doctors here in the Chicago-land area to continue her rehabilitation from the Carrick Brain Center. All the doctors are confident Alex will eventually walk and talk again. It has been a slow progression but she is now able to move her legs slightly. Unfortunately the money from the fundraiser has run out. The family has also been denied financial help through the state to renovate their home to better take care of Alex. Annette and Steve also recently had to purchase a wheelchair accessible van to transport Alex due to the physical demands put on them from lifting her in and out of their vehicle. I believe God has a special plan for my friend Alex, not only has she has to fight this difficult virus but she is also a double transplant recipient."

To read more about Alex's story and follow her progression, CLICK HERE.

Please pray for Alex and her family as she continues to recover. Please consider donating to aid her family with the medical costs, to donate CLICK HERE.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 June 2015 06:56
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